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2016-2017 Player Evaluations and Team Formation

The Blair Soccer Association promotes an “age-centric-group” approach to training, player development, and managing our teams with a focus on forming competitive teams in each age groups U11 through U18. We are committed to finding the most appropriate team for each of our children to play on in order for them to develop their soccer skills and enjoy the game of soccer while fostering competitive teams at the highest level possible.

The player evaluations will take place at the end of the 2016 Spring Season for all age groups U9 – U18.  All participants will be required to attend regardless of the situation, to be able to participate within the Blair Soccer Association for the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Seasons.

Player Evaluations: (Each drill will be accomplished with the left and right foot.)

Passing Drill – Create a station with five sets of different colored cones, creating passing lanes.  The individual will then be instructed to hit the various passing lanes as instructed.  The scoring will be the number of times the passing was hit versus attempts.

Dribbling Drill – This will encompass dribbling the ball with speed and accuracy and knowledge of footwork.  The following link provides most of the moves the children should know by U12.

This will be timed and scored if the proper foot work took place at the stations. The drill will consist of four cones set up in square shape as the player reaches each goal they need to demonstrate an appropriate move to get to the other cone as quickly as possible, this event will be timed.

Shooting Drill – We will utilize Tom’s for multiple goals and then total the number goals scored and analyze proper footwork and shooting technique.

Speed and Agility – Cone Drill, analyzing a players speed and ability to change direction. Ranked by times.

Team Formation dates – Scrimmages will have to take place to comply with the Nebraska State Soccer Association. Specifics regarding times will be announced at a later date. (see above attachment)

Scrimmage –Team formation scrimmages will be 50 minutes in length with two 25 minute halves.  Analyzing knowledge of the game, communication, effectively utilizing offensive and defensive techniques. Competitiveness, footwork (game speed), passing, striking the ball, etc.

The scores from the drills held in the spring and scrimmage will be used to form the teams for the specific age groups but we will also rely on coaches input (player evaluation forms from the coaches previous season).  Coaches need to realize if they do not turn them in it is not only a detriment to the kids, but to the teams and how they are formed next year.

The teams will be split based on the player’s ability so we can enable the children to play with similar playing types so they can grow with the knowledge and love of the game, with children with similar abilities.